Git Branching For Success and Profit


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Great overview of some very confusing and technical details. I will definitely be able to use this in the future! Thank you!

My only feedback is that the CLI demos went a little fast. I realize you are pressed for time, but it might be helpful to do it by hand for the first one and then use the scripts for the rest.

Lorna provided a lot of information on branching,pushing, and the git work flow. It was a lot to take in within the hour time frame, but at the same time gave me plenty of information to get me started on my own.

As always great presentation and very practical and engaging.

Lorna: Great talk you explained a lot of things I need to know better perfectly...unfortunately I had to pop in and out of the talk due to a client matter, so will be reviewing your slides and looking forward to the recorded version!

Anonymous at 09:59 on 19 Dec 2014

Awesome presentation, especially the narrative & working through the examples. Hope there's a way to capture the shell work in the slides.
Fantastic explanations of rebase, and non-fast-forward merge concepts.

Great talk! I've been using git for quite some time and learned some new techniques.

Great overview of the key commands and strategies for using git branching. Makes excellent point that it's actually merging that is important, and demonstrates how to do that properly. Liked the live demo'ing of commands and procedures (and tangentially also saw some neat tricks). Found the summary of different branching strategies (e.g. git-flow) personally extremely clear and very valuable for encouraging me to start using my own. (Would have liked a little more on releases but probably not realistic in the time frame!)

Overall excellent talk & great start to the day, thanks Lorna.

Anonymous at 10:15 on 19 Dec 2014


Very interesting and informative. Thank you!

Your presentation added to my arsenal of toll tips that, for sure, will allow me to be more effective.

Loreto E. Torres

I've been using Git for a while, and this was a great talk for both users new and old. I always enjoy Lorna's teaching style, and I learned better ways to explain specific Git topics (such as branching and rebasing) to colleagues.

Great summary for existing Git users. We learned some new tricks that will help our work flow.

Nice overview as well as some in-depth coverage of branching in git as well as management and flow. This talk had many great tips for beginners as well as experienced git users.

Anonymous at 12:08 on 19 Dec 2014

Great talk and very useful for someone who has used Git much but only barely knew what it was capable of.


Very interesting and informative. Thank you!

Your presentation added to my arsenal of toll tips that, for sure, will allow me to be more effective.

Loreto E. Torres

Anonymous at 14:03 on 19 Dec 2014


Again a well presented, well pased and brilliant presentation by Mrs. Lorna Mitchel. She's by far the knowledge oracle of the PHP community. No matter what topic, she either knows it or she has blogged about it. Superb!

Very good. I think the first slide - a branch is a label is the most important one and makes everything else make sense. And all the other tips and techniques were clearly explained and demo-ed. I will feel much more confident doing things that previously I may have held my breath and crossed my fingers for!

One thought for making the demos a bit clearer. The git log displays are OK, but took me a moment to take in and work out what was happening. Could you supplemtn or replace them with 'linked bubble' slides (like the ones you use for the main parts of the talk) that are a bit easier to comprehend quickly?

Thank you.

This talk clarifies some of the most important things about Git. Lorna is a great speaker.