Talk comments

Brent Vardy at 14:35 on 29 Jul 2016

Awesome, thanks. Glad you talked about monitoring.

Eugen Neuber at 13:32 on 29 Jul 2016

A very dens talk, I guess I need to watch it again to get all out of it.
For me the talk could be a little longer and be more like a story about a fictional company (but that is me)

Eugen Neuber at 13:29 on 29 Jul 2016

Fantastic talk - like a trip by helicopter over configuration land!

Brent Vardy at 13:16 on 29 Jul 2016

This talk was very timely for me as I am currently in the process of deciding which provisioning tool to go with for a personal project and it seems the one I was not familiar with, Fabric, may be the one :) Great talk. Would have been nice to see a live demo or two ;)

Brent Vardy at 12:07 on 29 Jul 2016

Very useful thanks for sharing.

Eugen Neuber at 11:05 on 29 Jul 2016

very interesting talk! I always wonder how big dev-/-ops teams elsewhere are...
... and how one can get on vacation ;-)

thomas wilson at 10:59 on 29 Jul 2016

Would have liked to see a more practical tutorial on how it works.

Brent Vardy at 10:59 on 29 Jul 2016

Awesome talk. I was amazed and love the approach. Thanks for a great explanation.

Eugen Neuber at 10:19 on 29 Jul 2016

Still not sure if containers are useful in my case -- but rancher seams to fill some of the gaps I saw before! I'd really looking forward to trying this out!
Presentaion is well done, although I wolud like to some custom scripts in the container, eg. a call to phpinfo()