If the Wright Brothers were around today, they’d be at WordCamp Dayton.

Orville and Wilbur invented the airplane in Dayton. Our city’s always been home to designers, tinkerers, builders and creative folks.

Also invented in Dayton: Artificial hearts and kidneys, bar code scanners, bicycle parking rack, card readers, digital clocks, cash registers, ice cream cones, ice cube trays, laser weapons, mood rings, movie projectors, pop-top and push-top openers for cans of beer and soft drinks, radar detectors, search engines, security for databases, semi-conductor computer memory, space-to-earth photo transmissions, and the yo-yo.

That’s quite a list. Make’s you wonder what’s in the water here. And it’s no surprise that today’s inventors who design, build and create with WordPress will gather again in March in Dayton.

Our third WordCamp will include two days of presentations, training and sharing for skilled developers and designers along with people who are just beginning to explore how WordPress can help them easily share their stories with the world’s most popular web publishing system.

We invite you to join us for WordCamp in Dayton, Ohio.