Talk comments

This is one of the most important talks that the modern web developer should hear: jQuery's powerful and helped us through some dark times, but it's not a magic bullet, nor does it come without cost. Developing a basic understanding of how JavaScript works is one of the first steps to take in a productive career as a developer, and Bobby's talk approaches the topic in a humorous and informative way.

In his talk, Brad revealed that he's working on another talk on this topic for a local TEDx event, and it showed in his preparedness. The story of Buckeye Interactive isn't new to me (I'm an alumnus), but it's nice to get the idealistic overview that often can get muddied in the day-to-day workings of an agency.

Next time he gives a talk, Brad may want to turn on Caffeine for his computer, as the display constantly turning off was distracting ;)

Containers can be a tricky subject to talk about: often, people end up either giving the "omg, you should use containers because they're awesome" *or* the super-technical, over-everyones-head tutorial. Paul balanced the two perfectly, providing practical examples without getting too lost in the weeds.

I used to work closely with Paul, and he'd often present more complicated concepts in a 1:1 session. This presentation captured that intimate mentorship, but for a room full of interested developers.

There can be a lot to grok when you first start learning a new front-end framework, but Ben put it all in very simple terms. A fantastic introduction to the framework that went exactly as deep into the concepts as an introductory talk should.

Tammy Finch at 08:28 on 9 Mar 2016

I'm really glad I stayed for this talk. He's a very good presenter who had good information and shared it with us. All questions were answered easily. I saw him present earlier and changed my last session so I could see his talk on blogging. So glad I did. He had great handouts, which not many had.

Tammy Finch at 08:25 on 9 Mar 2016

I went specifically for this presentation. I wanted to see what others are doing. His information was concise and to the point which made for a great session. I liked his stats and data. Good presenter too.

Tammy Finch at 08:24 on 9 Mar 2016

Some good eye-opening information about comments and content. I learned quite a bit in this presentation. It was good information.

Tammy Finch at 08:23 on 9 Mar 2016

Worth the 5 hour drive just to find out about the Simple CSS plugin. He's a good speaker and did a great job explaining HTML and CSS without going into too much detail, which I think would have confused the crowd. Great talk and overall good information.

Tammy Finch at 08:21 on 9 Mar 2016

He did a nice job staying on track.

Crazy, but doable, as he explained. His arguments for making the time to write and the reasons why (and how) we should were well made. When broken down the way he showed us, there is little reason not to attempt the 20/30 rule. Very engaging and very resourceful speaker.