Security Bootcamp for Startups


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Nice overview. Some visuals would make it perfect

Excellent talk about security, and not just for startups. Some of it was "I know this already" and some of it was "damn, why didn't I think of this before". Only downside (which I've given to many speakers already) was the speed of talking in a hall like this. Even at regular pace some words just drown in the acoustics of this hall, might've tried slowing down a bit.

Really loved this talk! It's great (for us) to see that we do a lot of stuff that where mention in the presentation. Although we covered a lot, there where still a number of slides where I was thinking; I need to check this in the organisation.

Interesting information. Learnt quite a bit during this talk.

I think the presentation may be more interesting if the slides contained some more visuals and the things that are discussed are not literary on the slides.

Beside that nice talk!

Good solid speaker that radiates knowledge of the subject. Although the picture being painted is a bit bleak, this is a talk worth hearing (and acting on).

Jeroen Boersma at 10:53 on 7 Nov 2016

Loved it, you could feel Alison enthusiasm thru the hallway. Nice to hear someone talk about security in a lovely way, be straight to the point, no secrets attached. Understandable.

As an advice I could recommend to easy down a bit, take your time!

Srdjan Vranac at 13:38 on 7 Nov 2016

Perfect visuals, a perfect talk on a really bleak subject, and the speaker was awesome :)

Anonymous at 14:10 on 7 Nov 2016

Great to hear a talk on security, one which lists practical steps for John Q Startup to implement.

I didn't agree with the "ex-employees, cut them off as soon as possible" in all instances, as I work for a company that does exactly this and it has caused much lost work, servers where nobody has access to anymore, and lost ability to get information from the ex-colleague because their email account is gone within the day.