What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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I loved this conference. I'm usually visiting conferences that are only about PHP and related topics, so stepping out of that conference zone was awesome. The schedule for that step was perfect.

Kudos on the intro as well. I'm usually very sensitive to mentions to code of conducts. Not the CoC itself, but the way it is presented usually makes me feel that people are guilty until proven innocent. The intro did mention the CoC, but in such a way that I only felt more comfortable. A lot of other conferences can learn from the way you handled that.

Then there was the silence room. Such an awesome idea. Conferences can be really overwhelming, and having a safe and silent place to chill for a while is perfect!

And then the food. I've already told you on Twitter: The catering did an excellent job. The vegetarian food was very good.

Game night: Awesome.

Do I have any constructive criticism or is it all just positive? A better climate control would be nice, especially in the upstairs room it got warm quickly. This is not something you can arrange yourself, but perhaps some feedback for the venue.

Keep doing such an amazing job!

I really enjoyed the conference and am still inspired after a few days. I really like the 'humble' atmosphere for sharing knowledge, of which, including local meetup groups in the community track was a good part of.

The program was nicely chosen, and had a talk in almost each slot that I didn't want to miss (while I already attend a lot of meetups and watch talks online).
The location and food were nicely arranged, and the smoothies were a nice energy-boosting surprise.

While they didn't bother me, I did notice a few points of improvement on the badge.
The talks didn't show which room they were at, so I assumed the left column was the main track.
Also, it would be nice to have the program upside down, so it's easier to read when you're wearing the keychain.

Would love to see another edition next year and would like to deeply thank the whole crew for putting together such an amazing conference.

Great conference of which the organizers should be really proud.

Really nice event, like the complete setup with community track, main hall, chill room, and also a social afterwards, makes it so much easier to tailor the event the way you like it and are most comfortable with. Gogo board games and vintage gaming by the way. I would improve on how you present the talks. I was suprised on a couple of talks where the subtitle didn't really seem to cover the content. Jurriaans talk was much more about haskell and haskell challenges then is was about DSLs in general. The small-data talk focussed on the use of graph db's, not zo much on small vs big data.

Awesome conference in a very nice venue. The chairs were super comfortable, which was good.
Would definitely come again!

I had a great time. A very good conference, that was everything I hoped for. The diversity of the subjects and the quality of the (confident, knowledgable and passionate) speakers was excellent. Realy very well organised and I'd be happy to pay 3 times as much for the same next year.

I liked the venue a lot, although it got a bit too crowded during lunch and the smoothie.

During the social I understand that games bring people on a table together, but even though I am a great game enthousiast, I prefer to mingle with lots of people in such an event. The atmosphere felt a bit tame and there seemed to be hardly any interaction between tables (from where I was standing at the bar)

Great conference in a super venue - really comfortable chairs! I loved all the talks I heard, loved being with and among people from different communities. The social was also very enjoyable, having board games was an excellent idea. It gave the attendees and speakers the chance to bond over some nice games without any need for alcohol.

Big thumbs up for the team!

A super accessible conference with a very *refreshing* view on how to feed the participants :-)
Paid less and got more than anything I've attended before. Speaker list was A-grade.

I liked the venue, didn't feel it was over-crowded for a sold-out event. But absolutely too smal for next year's extravaganza, right Domcode?

Starting off with the right foot! Cozy conference with a "outside the curve" lineup, very well organized and I really enjoyed the passion pouring out of the organizers, the small little touches.

The venue was not perfect and we did not help by buying out all tickets and packing the place, but this is more of a "something done right" sign and hopefully a flag that next year the organizers can think bigger and rock the town.

The social was a blast! I really hope to see this conference come back every year.
Congratulations organizers and volunteers on a amazing conference and absolutely safe and welcoming environment.

Great conference guys. Mixed languages, diverse subjects... what else could you ask for? Hopefully you enjoyed yourselves enough to do it again next year. See you at the next meetup.

Jeroen de Jong at 20:38 on 14 Nov 2015

Great conference. I really like the mixture of different technologies and the lunch was great! Perfect how you handled the dietary restrictions.

Great event with very diverse list of speakers. Best one I've attended in years!