Talk comments

Can you upload the book/paper reference that were in your talk ?


Next time, try juggling three phones! Good closing talk, liked it very much!

Speaker was too modest in saying that she was not a developer as she displayed some very good thinking and problem solving. Although this was not a very tech talk, I liked it a lot, easily best talk I heard all they. Speaker transfers her passion for the bees to audience with such ease, my eyes teared up when I heard they die in sudden thunderstorms. Or somebody was chopping onions.

Personally, felt like this was a very watered down talk regarding what can neo4j do. Would like to see a more in depth view and examples of performance on bigger datasets. Otherwise, speaker did very well and clearly passed the subject to the audience.

Anonymous at 15:49 on 17 Nov 2015

Great talk by Igor! He could have explained the Quines a little more or gone a little slower.
Then again I was blown away by the historical information and the implementations that where shown!

Anonymous at 15:44 on 17 Nov 2015

To be every honest I expected more. The talk was very general and felt like a group discussion was the goal.
There where no actual examples of when a framework maybe better compared to no framework, also the definition of what is a framework was not really worked out.
The speakers did a good job and where solid also the coffee story was good but this could not make up for the little information that was given.

If they are planning to do this talk again I hope they set a boundary for example focus on Front-end (JS) or Server side HTTP frameworks.

Awesome keynote showing how the world will connect, and how thinking outside the box can be extremely fun. Very inspiring! I loved how browsers will play a role, and with which you can make full use of all the sensors in your phone, something that almost everyone carries.

I loved watching this talk. It really shows you how technology can have impact on the real world, and our understanding of it. I learned a lot about bees ;-)

I really liked the excitement of the speaker, it was really contagious, and I could feel that through the room. It worked both ways I think, and amplified both the speaker and the audience's enthusiasm.