Talk comments

Not quite ready for actual use yet, but still a detailed overview of the direction Drupal Commerce is heading to.

The talk was too unstructured, especially for an alpha product that has too much loose ends to use.
That's a pity, because it has a LOT of potential.

Good introduction and overview on the use of the Coder module.

Nice down to earth and practical presentation on how to write "glue-code"; making the adjustments to your drupal site, withouth hacking core or contrib-modules. Clean, practical and good explanations.

Could've gone a bit more in-depth, unfortunately stayed a tad too theoretical.

A good and in-depth talk with plenty of practical examples. Very much enjoyed it!

Very nice talk on the use of the coder module for upgrading your module.

Nice subject with a good outline, but too shallow. Could be more in depth.
Hope to see the group on this subject as suggested.

It was a nice talk for anyone beginning JS in drupal development.
Nice hands-on presentation with good voice and nice speed and tone.
Bit crouwded room though.