Talk comments

Petr Illek at 19:20 on 30 Nov 2018

Feeling more secure now, when I know how the security processes works.

Petr Illek at 19:18 on 30 Nov 2018

Nice to see where Drupal is heading.
Part about "I will not talk about this" was a bit confusing. Maybe better to leave it out. :)

Petr Illek at 19:14 on 30 Nov 2018

I was 15 minutes late for this presentaiton, but when I get in, I just see the last slide. :( But seems probably quite shorter than advertised. The rating is provided as it is required to post the comment…

Petr Illek at 19:10 on 30 Nov 2018

I used information from this talk right after I get back to work. Definitelly worth it!

Petr Illek at 19:09 on 30 Nov 2018

Lots of good information. Thumbs up to Marloes for her first talk!

Petr Illek at 19:05 on 30 Nov 2018

From the session description I was expecting more examples of how they do it, than showing modules and videos of others solution.

borisson_ at 08:59 on 27 Nov 2018

This talk contained too much non-practical background and not enough of where functional php could be used to success.

borisson_ at 08:58 on 27 Nov 2018

A really good introduction into what the indieweb is, and how it's implemented in Drupal.

Maybe a little bit too much information - but I don't know what you'd cut to make it more concise. Overall really great!

borisson_ at 08:56 on 27 Nov 2018

While I work with Steven - I still learned some new things from this talk. I did not expect that.
An awesome introduction to how to improve the UX for editors with not too much theory and good examples of how you can improve. I like that this talk is not just a list of improved screens but also how you can create them.

borisson_ at 08:52 on 27 Nov 2018

I've seen this talk before, at drupal europe, and it was still really interesting. It's great to see what features solr has that you don't really think about when thinking about a search database.