Talk comments

All in all a decent talk, but not the talk I hoped it would be.

Some key aspects that could be improved
- the background of the slides, hard to read both light and dark text
- actually go into best practices for Symfony, for instance Bundle design.
- it was all a bit high level, general pointers. They were useful mind you, but it just didn't feel SF2 related, more that SF2 was used to illustrate the examples. Perhaps a bit less topics, less things at a glance, put a bit more time into exploring some key features of Symfony (configuration by annotation for instance, the pro's and the cons)

Props for delivering the talk even when ill!

Powerful and hopefull message

Excellent talk. Great speaker - very clear. Tackled some really hard/dry topics and made them simple and interesting!

Excellent talk on the latest developments of Drupal. Clearly explained and very engaging - got me really excited for what's to come in D8! Thanks!

But would agree, staying near to the mic would be better. When closer to the mic it was much clearer to hear. Maybe that is more to do with the room setup than the talk.

a good overview about drupal 8 novelty