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Again a great inside to community involvement into open-source/community projects ! Tnx for the kudos.

Great talk, I really should contribute more :)

Not only a great 'call to arms' to people who aren't currently contributing, but done in a very friendly and open fashion. Noone could listen to this talk and not want to go out and start helping, and feel very comfortable doing so.

Excellent talk on the community and how to contribute. It was a great promotion for contributing and gave people insight into how easy it can be to contribute.

Excellent talk with great points.

Be nice!

Good talk, with some suggestions even for people who have contributed to o/s projects before.

I generally liked the talk, but it was a bit to "userland" and not enough "developerland" for me. Great for people who are using PHP and have not stepped into the community at all (using chat rooms, forums etc.), but not so much for people who are really looking for that little push into contributing code, patches, documentation, bug reports - that's more what I was looking for in this presentation.

When we all stood up at the beginning to show who had already contributed in some ways, it could have been good to ask the guys standing up in the early rounds how they got to that point, what made them submit that first patch and how did they go about it, etc.

I agree with rooster ^^. Moreover, I expected a specific Zend Framework contributing talk. Nevertheless some good pointers and I like Matthew's presentation style as it is to the point and easy to listen to.

As one of the PHP developers many of the topics also are found in "our" project.

Loving the call to action for all things community - with special emphasis on code projects. Great session :)

Guilty as charged, must do more!! Slightly confused by some of the suggested mediums though, for example I don't consider twitter to be an effective contribution mechanism .... but, a good talk none the less. Thanks Matthew!