Habits of Highly Scalable Web Applications


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Very good talk; well prepared; good example; very good stage presence / delivery.

Nice overview, showing the full landscape I think, and nice to hear about the caveats that you don't consider normally.

Very good talk, I wish I've heard some of this stuff 2 years ago.

Great talk. Good overview. Easy to understand. And of course an interesting topic.

great talk, very professional speaker. Learned some new ideas and found this speech to be the best of the conf.

This session was one of the highlights of the conference for me. I have learned a great deal about scaling and coding for scalability. I was even surprised to see that some techniques I have used in a recent project, actually have an "official" name :p (horizontal partitioning) I left the session with a head full of ideas. Nice one Eli!

@ Jun 13, 2009, 09:30 by Conor
That's basically what I was going to write.

I'm with Miljar on this one. Certainly a highlight for the conference for me. Thanks for the ideas, Eli :)

One of the best talks of the conference. For all you just checking the slides, be sure to check for audio as well as Eli says so much stuff that is not written on the slides!

Very interesting. I was somehow confused at one point because I'd seen a slightly different explanation of horizontal partitioning, but aside from that, excellent info.

Good style and good content. Especially liked the (horizontal) partitioning stuff. Best talk of the event imho.

Eli is an excellent speaker; very clear and well researched. The topic very quickly went over anything I'll ever need to do, but it was fascinating to hear how the pros scale big sites.

Another good talk from EliW, and funny as well. He has good knowledge & experience, and knows how to make a good presentation about it.