Making the Most of HTTP In Your Applications


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Great talk, but loose the phone... ;-)

I feel like what was covered in this talk could have been summarised in 20 minutes, and then we could have got something else from the rest of the time. A lot of time was spent just reading out manual entries on different headers and response codes, which we all could have done in our own time (after being introduced to them of course).

That said, I did come away with a way I can improve some of my own code, and it's always positive to come out of a talk with something new.

I have to re-iterate the above comments - please put whatever it is you are reading from your phone onto your slides.

Not a bad talk per-se, but was a bit long winded about it. Which meant it got quite boring at some parts.

HTTP is pretty dry and with all the examples in it took some time. I'd rather have seen more use-cases for the different status codes but I thought it was a well-researched and thorough session

Was very interested in the status codes section and would have liked more time for the last few slides along with more use-cases. The section on methods felt a little similar to content covered in the REST talk, so could have been skipped through faster.