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Very good talk! A good overview of the new features in php 5.3 and a hint at php 6. Loved the humour :D

Life is to short to write Java ftw!

Great talk. Gave a good overview and had a nice flow.

It was a great keynote with some great quotes ;)

Great keynote, as usual from Andrei, very entertaining, while also giving a good overview from beginning to future of PHP.

I'm only rating it 4 stars however, because this being the Dutch PHP conference, the talk actually included quite a number of us-centric references and terminologies, which the entire group sitting around me were grumbling about.

Great keynote. Very well presented.

Hey Andrei, great keynote. Loved you're mix-character unicode code example !!! Job well done !!!

Great opening talk! Good humor and a nice line-up of the key features of PHP 5.3, 6 and future design decisions... The presentation setme in a good mood.

I saw some similarities with a certain php|tek keynote ;) but it was highly improved. Excellent.

Good keynote, with good humour (especially the Platypus part :))

Excellent keynote! Interesting, especially the "future of PHP"-part, and great use of humor!

Great keynote. A fun overview of PHP throughout the years and into the future.

Great keynote, thanks Andrei!

Good keynote, not 'too heavy' first thing in the morning but provided enough of an outline to allow people to look for further information. Humorous as well :D

Great talk about a very interesting subject. Looking forward to PHP 6.

Nice keynote, light and amusing but with some interesting stuff about php 6.

Good keynote - drummed up a real community atmosphere. Thanks!

A good way to start your day packed with sessions, is attending a keynote from Andrei. It was highly amusing, while still giving a good overview about the past, present and future of PHP.

I ? this keynote.

Okay, so does not do Unicode. There goes my funny joke. Still a great keynote.

Excellent presentation, excellent presenter. Next time really push the southern accent, it's awesome. Content-wise, it's a nice birds eye overview of upcoming PHP features, and a good defense of some of the boo-boo's made in PHP's history (and, no doubt, future).

Good keynote! Andrei gave a nice insight on some nice features that will be in future PHP versions.

great keynote, included everything what I expect from a keynote.

Very enjoyable and straight to point :) Loved it.

Entertaining and informative like a good keynote should be. Great way to kick off the day.

Entertaining. It created a good vibe for rest of the event.

Great start to a conference, in particular the comments about the community and meritocracy. Thanks Andrei :)

Good stuff... really good upbeat keynote.

A keynote as it should be :)