Working with Zend_Form


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Hoped to get some real insight in Zend_Form, having never used it. Too bad it was too basic and too slow for my taste. Didn't give much more info than the manual and a decent tutorial do. Rob is a good speaker and easy to listen to.

Simple but good. Just speak a little louder.

Simple, basic, clear. Good talk

Rob delivers technical content well, especially when you can see he enjoys the topic. Nice structure to the talk too. I went knowing nothing about Zend_Form but now feel I know the conceptual overview and can dive in. Possibly could have done with some visuals to illustrate the structure.

Having not had any experience of Zend_Form this talwas a great introduction and has meant that I have come away thinking of how and were I can take advantage of what it offers. Really good introduction.

There could have been a bit more covered, but basically it did what it said on the tin.

I concur with marcelvanveelen.

very good presentation for a first time user of Zend Framework.
Would like to see more complete examples, from making the form to processing the form.

Good presentation, would like to have more advanced content at a conference but Rob was clear on the content of this talk before he commenced and delivered eloquently.

Rob, nice addition to the previous day tutorial.