Advanced OO patterns


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Good, lively talk with to-the-point code examples. Everything I like !


Really good talk. Really activated my thought process again after some less inspiring talks. It was too bad that this talk was at the end of the day instead of at the beginning because then I would probably have picked up some more.

Very refreshing! Well done!

I love "real world" examples. Very good talk, too bad of the 45 min constraint.

Presentation style was good; dynamic and with lots of audience interaction.
I had heard DI talks before and this one did not offer that much more information on that subject. The DataMapper part was more interesting and inspires me to research more on this matter.

Good pase and more than enough content and fun.

Some minor negative points:

- The beer jokes became boring after a while and no surprise that some did not participate in the hand rasing anymore after a while. It's a good technique to keep people awake, but I think it was used to much, and when you add phrases and questions like "because I need to keep you awake" and "are you guys still awake?" this also gets boring real quick.

- The DIC example of a framework, you're friend worked on, but nobody seemed to know (I could be wrong about this) was a bit strange. The code example did not add anything here and only raised questions "why a closure?". Yes I asked that question and I know a method would have served just as well. Of course this could be the design of the framework, which - if this really is the case - is a flawed design. So stick to proven methods and don't show these experiments. Closures are a nice addition to PHP and can be used for lots of things, but not for this. You should have left that out and not have mentioned it.

Nevertheless a very entertaining and insightful talk.

Great talk, lots of handraising exercise. I would have liked to see more on the latter subjects (and why not to use singletons) rather than the dependency injection.

Like always the presentation was very fun to follow. Picked up some cool stuff to check out.

Great talk, refreshing

Good talk, interesting patterns. I still like the active record pattern, no matter what. But I will try if I can generate code for a data mapper pattern. Don't want to be writing all of that by hand.

Good explanation of the smart way to do dependency-injection using lazy initialization. To bad Marsman still doesn't get the closures.

I agree with the others that there was a bit to much hand raising, but you'll have taken that point by now :). I would recommend removing a few of those questions to the audience in favor of another: Who would have liked to see some UML diagrams? Instead of asking who likes the fact that they are missing. Personally I find UML diagrams a good means of communication. One picture...

very good talk and a lot of information. maybe to many subjects for a such short time.

Good talk, great content. Although too much info which made the presenter rush through the material.

I agree finding more ways to help keep the audience awake besides the hand-raising. But to me it was not a real annoyance, perhaps I am more patient ... or just as boring :).

I missed the reason as to why Singletons are bad, I think the presenter said he would explain this, but I don't believe he did... did I fall asleep?

Great talk, well put together, well brought. Tobias knows how to entertain the audience while giving real in-depth information. Slides put together well, especially the line-highlighting, which made it much easier to listen to Tobias in stead of interpreting the code while he talks.

That was interesting and very well presented. I wish I could see some more in depth stuff on that topics.
BTW, I have been surprised that the native SPL Subject/Observer interfaces haven't been mentioned as well as the Signal/Slot implementation of the eZ / Zeta Components.
Anyway, good talk guys!