Agility and Quality


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Sebastian may not be the most charismatic of presenters but there is one thing you can't deny: he knows his stuff! And he also knows how to prepare a presentation. An inspirational talk leaving me with lots of homework.

His knowledge is gild for us developers. Thx sebastian

Anonymous at 18:44 on 21 May 2011

As usual the content was great but the presentation could gain a lot wit a more energetic speaker. It was very monotonous and a bit boring

Impressing level of knowledge, and content presented to the attendees. The way of presenting could be more charismatic :-)

A lot better then yesterdays talk from the same speaker, but still a bit boring. A lot of interesting techniques and methods came by that are worth examining.

Anonymous at 01:12 on 22 May 2011

i felt like in a university course, but i learned some things.

Loved it! It's a pity there was no time to hear more about those techniques neither for the Q&A.

Sebastian may not be as charismatic as Aral, but he knows his stuff.
Loads of new stuff for me, but also loads of things I already knew which is a nice reminder.
Hope you find a way to make your talks a little more entertaining, but the message is more important than how it is delivered.