Cooking up your development environment


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Unlike many other talks at the PHP conference, this talk focused mostly on the pains and issues that you run into when setting up your development environment. Very interesting because it's not something that I've personally spent a lot of time thinking about.
Great introduction to the subject therefore and it's always nice to be able to skip the first fence of making errors and learn directly from someone else's experience.

Excellent talk! Informative, to the point and clear slides!

Great talk! Beautiful slides with some great additions when talking about it. Maybe this should better if it was given in a tutorial of a couple of hours so everyone can set up an environment with.

One of the best talks I've seen after the one from Aral Balkan. :)

Calm delivery and clean slides, very nicely paced. Actually managed to finish with time for questions too and there was some valuable discussion. The Vagrant demo was a bit underwhelming though, I think it might have been worth highlighting to bits of its progress to show just how much work was happening in the background. Still, great introduction though.

This was a very competent talk from someone who clearly knew his stuff really well and was passionate about his technology. The slides were beautiful and the talk was nicely paced. The only minor downsides were a flat delivery and a demo that didn't add much. This talk would have benefited with some direct advice aimed at the people in the room and adopting the technologies mentioned

Good talk focusing on the part of developing that's gets left behind more often than not. Definitely will be looking into Chef and the other tool on top of it (can't remember the name right now). Good speaker, well articulated even though the mike did not work.

Clear, well made and well presented. Looking forward to trying Chef.

The technology covered is very interesting but the presentation was really boring. It was a challenge to stay awake. Three thumbs-up for making me aware of this technology, one thumbs-up for the presenter.

Very interesting talk. Would have liked to see some more about real-world configurations however.

Interesting talk!
The presentation could've used some more energy.

Very good talk, a bit implementation specific, but good on content and practical use of Chef. Alistair's presentation skill was also very good, very understandable and funny, Muppet-references in the slides kept me more focused on the actual slides, also looked the part.

I enjoyed this talk, I had no spare time to invest in research into this topic. Now in 45 minutes I learned quite a lot and I feel ready to start tomorrow with a project. Why didn't I did this before?