Implementing Comet using PHP


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Nice introduction to comet, well presented slides with a good amount of information, great as an overview. Nice to have introductions to the solutions available. Good, relaxed presenting style. Overall pretty good.

Nice overview, lots of interesting demos. Would've liked those to have be more commented by you though, and you went over them really fast...

Would've liked a bit more lively presentation too.

But all in all a good presentation, congrats!

Great presentation, good that you recorded the demos, they could have been a bit slower. You looked comfortable presenting which is nice for the audience as well. There was a shitload of URLs in your slide, maybe it's a good idea to bundle them somewhere and make them available? If you only spend 20 seconds on a slide don't put 15 long URLs on it, nobody will be able to read it :-)

The content was very interesting, imho the technological edge of browser-server systems today.


Good presentation.

Enjoyed the presentation. Enough demo's and code to give an impression on comet.

Good info and well presented. Some small hint, speak up a bit, we're here to listen!

Getting an overview of available Comet technologies is great and it felt like a very thorough one, but I had hoped for much bigger PHP focus in a talk called "Implemententing Comet in PHP".

Various solutions to the "push" issue were presented, along with their disadvantages. This was very informative. Cometd was presented just at the end of the talk, more as a add-on than as the heart of the talk.

I agree to most of the above. You had a lot to tell and just couldn't tell it all. Yes we would have appreciated a bit more php, but comet doesn't seem to be much about php specifically by nature. All those urls in one slide, indeed, that doesn't make much sense. It doesn't stick, but we can look them up in your slides afterwards.

Anonymous at 18:02 on 21 May 2011

Great presentation of a very thorough research! A bit too much information though, perhaps sacrificing some details for simplicity might be an idea for next time. Or a clear conclusion at the end about your favorite comet solution would make it stick better.

Anonymous at 01:31 on 22 May 2011

a lot of new things for me and a good presentation

I was really disapointed to find out that the presentation was more focussed on the available comet/push/pull techniques than the PHP side of it.

Really enjoyed this talk, the content was very good, and the speaker did a great job.
If I had one criticism it would be that you just need to speak a little louder.

Interesting introduction, but too much focus on 'what was', and not on 'what is'. Specifically, too much talk about the old techniques for COMET, and hardly any information on WebSockets and the 'new stuff'. Read up on the actual implementation specifics on WebSockets to give it a bit more body in the talk.

thanks Jonas. We now have a better sight about Comet within a context where we know our way.

Great Presentation. Hit like a comet.