Implementing OAuth


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Very well structured, clear and informative talk.

Thanks !

great talk, thank you for this structured overview

Anonymous at 11:45 on 21 May 2011

Great talk! Interesting content, well structured and excellently presented.

Lots of info, good speaker and well spoken. Will have to look at the code back in the office to really get it.

I would prefer to have more attention at the 2.0 version because 1.0 will lack of interest in time because 2.0 is easier to implement and is being used in some great website like Facebook.

Great talk, good content. I would have rather had more info on OAuth2 and less OAuth1. As always though, Lorna never fails to entertain.

I love Lorna's energy and passion. She seems pretty knowledgeable about the topic and managed to show me how to deal with OAuth.

Unfortunately I'm still confused about the topic, but that's not really Lorna's fault.

Great basic and clean demonstration of how OAuth works.. When I come home I directly want to found more about it..

An Idiot's Guide to OAuth.

Where should I start? Your presentation style is so impressive it's almost distracting :) We learn from the best.

Yes, more of oAuth 2 would have been nice I guess, but then, you made very clear why you chose this approach and I understand. The teacher in you wants to teach us proper oAuth that we can use without https, before we relax and forget about the nitty gritty.

The dance photograph is great too and I love the laptop handshake picture.

Very good presentation, clear and easy to understand. Also code samples and diagrams were worth seeing.

Anonymous at 18:47 on 21 May 2011

The only remark is that the speaker should understand that it is not talking to a native English crowd and some expressions where not understood by the audience.

apart from that it was a very good presentation

Very good content and presentation, and now I know what "faff" means. (I think?)

Very good presentation, excellent content, felt a bit like a tutorial

Great content, the example code was simple and easy to follow. The slides were very clear and easy to read.

As for speaker style, there were two speakers at DPC who stood out above everyone else as being very comfortable in front of others, they could pass for teachers/lecturers. One is of course Lorna and the other Ian Barber.

Great presentation, clear code examples.
Stop faffing about and play the OAuth thing !! ;-)

Good presentation and entertaining to watch.
Attention to important details and common pitfalls.

Still, some suggestions to improve:
- give 1 or more known real-world examples who is the provider, user and consumer in existing implementations. This will help with the mental picture a lot.
- you could create a diagram with the provider, user and consumer in a "triangle" position. Then explain/show how the dance works step by step using arrows between the three. This could improve the mental image of how this works. bonus points: use images of feet as arrows so it actually looks like a dance!

Still, this talk is worth all 5 thumbs.