Managing a shared MySQL farm


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Anonymous at 11:47 on 21 May 2011

Thijs for keynote - most enigmatic speaker and a true techie.

From the description I (and others) had expectations that were quite different from actual content. But I must admit, it was otherwise a well prepared presentation.

Talk was well done. However I thought that this talk would be more a general talk how to set it all up instead of the specific problem you covered.

Besides that, I love the way you present. Would for sure attend another talk of you if I'm able to

Anonymous at 18:43 on 21 May 2011

It was the lest interesting talk of the conference, it failed to catch the audience attention and some people left in the middle.

From the description I was expecting a more generic talk, instead I was presented with an huge amount of trivial sql code about a solution the author implemented

Presented very well, but I expected bit different content.

Thijs knows how to prsent himself, but i was hugely disapointed by the content. I had expected practical information about setting up and strategies for mysql farms, not sheet after sheet with lame sql queries for enabling/disabling a user/database. Shame to have such a presentationtalent wasted on this content imho

Anonymous at 01:16 on 22 May 2011

poor content. the first part was very boring with that trivial sql. all this could be presented in one phrase "we have an admin panel and we can create/delete/enable/disable users and databases". the last part was more interesting.

I had expected more of a mysql/memcache scaling talk from the description in the booklet, but I enjoyed this talk too.

Thijs is a very good speaker and really knows his stuff. Nice to listen to.

Interesting talk, very well presented.

Anonymous at 17:43 on 27 Jun 2011

Good speaker, but the content needed work. Would echo some comments, though not as harsh. With a few more tweaks this would go from 2/5 to 4/5.