XP Principles and Practices


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After reading pretty much everything the Internet throws at one searching for XP and Agile there was still the question "but how does that actually work out".

This tutorial day cleared up a lot of little misconceptions and the hands on things where a great experience. Seeing and feeling the process directly while being part of it was just great and lots of fun.

The workshop helped me deepen and solidify what I already knew about XP. I really enjoyed the high user partcipation, sharing of experience and high activity. Well done.

Good stuff. Geest interaction.

Sebastian has a very good presentation style. The morning session went at too slow a pace leaving us with a time shortage in the afternoon. (I think Sebastian's Scrum workshop at DPC10 suffered in the same way.) I just wish we had managed to fit in a little more in the time or had an extra half hour but the iBuildings members of the workshop were more concerned about a pending dinner than learning about XP. What a pity!