ZCE 5.3 Exam Preparation


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So incredible much information in a short time, very nice done lorna.
Thx for the sugar!!

Very educative on all aspects : underlying knowledge and exam tips.

I was awake all day! Loved the mentos after the break. But seriously... you did a great job! It was more basic as I expected it to be, but I can see you need to have all the basic stuff really right and exam ready when taking the test.

I think I might do the certification, which I was not planning to do so before today.

Anonymous at 19:37 on 19 May 2011

elaborate talk, which definitely covered the entire exam. Thanks

Job well done, lots of material in less of time.

Thank you so much for yesterday. Indeed some things are not as interesting as others :), but overall a very good coverage of the examstuff.

Just booked the exam so I'll let you know when I passed it.

Furthermore: The iPad app from PHP Riot that one of the other visitors came up with (with ZCE 5.3 exam questions (€3,99)) is well worth it.

Anonymous at 11:58 on 20 May 2011

I only saw the second half, and expected a bit of a boring introduction. Quite amazed how it turned out to be quite engaging.

I already have the 5.0 certificate, so I was mainly interesting to see the new PHP 5.3 stuff, however the "old" stuff was actually quite refreshing for me. One of the most important things I (re-)learned was how I should read, then read again, and read a third time, just to make sure that I've read things correctly. Sorry for having to leave early, but this session definitely has helped me in making sure I'm ready for the exam.

Great talk, you used a very nice way and pace to go through all the various parts of the exam sections. I loved the post lunch mentos. I am sure ill pass my exam now

Your talking style was wonderful - funny, clear and professional. Thanks for pointing out all the pitfalls! :-)
But I think it was a tutorial on PHP itself as well, which was not that good if you have quite some professional experience in PHP development.

Lorna had a very witty and refreshing talk. She kept the public focused throughout the day (while some other speakers where able to put the public to sleep in under 45 minutes). Presentation style: 4 (and that's only because I believe 5 stars are reserved for Aral Balkan or Cal Evans presentation levels).

On the other side, I found the content too basic. Perhaps that's what's most important about the exam, - the basics, but nonetheless I was expecting to learn something new, something that I couldn't find in exam preparation books and materials. Content: 3

It was good to know the topics I never use but that I have to learn before going to the exam.

Thanks for sharing the slides, great presentation!