What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Anonymous at 09:14 on 12 Jun 2012

Good food and drinks :) RAI is an excellent building to host an event like this.

Anonymous at 10:18 on 11 Jun 2012

It was my first time here at the dpc12. It was very good organized! Thanks, i'll definitely coming back next year!

The venue was great! The wifi worked quite well.
There weren't many front-end-related talks, so the cooperation with the Mobile conference was really cool and provided a great possible variation in talks. I hope you keep it this way!

Regarding the crowd, I had the feeling that the average level was a little bit lower than at PHPBenelux, but that's something the organization can't help. However, I do hope the talks for next year won't be picked based on that and stay top of the bill.

Parking was quite expensive, so some tips on cheaper parking space would've been nice.

Very good conference organization. People was aware of all events and locations.

Unfortunately some expert presentations was in the same time while other time had just beginner level presentations. I guess next time the presentations can be adjusted to fit with the developers skills all the time.
Also, I missed more highest level talks, most of them fit to small/medium site, but not for big sites. And maybe it can reduce of the number of developers from these companies to come and share their real cases.

The kind topics was pretty good.

First conference I've been to, so I can't compare - but some general feedback should do :)

The talks and general organisation were top notch, lunch and drinks were well taken care of. Keynotes should/could've had their subjects announced beforehand - it said so on your own site! The social was a good idea in a mediocre location - it wasn't really fit for socialising in groups of more than 6 due to the narrow bar, long tables and lack of any central area. The catering there was good though, and so was the music and amount of people attending.

Really liked the raffle and the sponsor stands - could use more of those!

All in all, really excellent conference for the PHPers, although I did hear the Mobile people weren't as happy... not yet, at least.

I want to thank the organizers of dpc12 for this event. The quality of the speakers were generally above average, the catering was good, and the organisation itself was top-notch. The only things i didn't like were:

- Same video as day one at the ending keynote
- The social, not very well organized, chaotic, crowded etc etc. <-- this really needs improvement guys


Anonymous at 17:27 on 8 Jun 2012

Here's what i don't notice: the organization of the event itself. No fuss, no figuring out where to go next (except which awesome talk to go to next). All the information is there. It's all about the talks and the knowledge.