Coupling Cohesion and more SUDO science


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Thank you for the talk.

I liked the step by step examples of coupling and cohesion.
However I think I missed some more real life examples, instead of using the same code example again, in different ways (the examples seemed too much the same imho) more differentiation could be a nice addition.

A summary/overview at the end which shows the different forms coupling and cohesions can't hurt.

I agree with the previous comment that i would like to see different examples for differnt cooupling types even when you give a talk around them it makes the types look the same.

Well presented, and easy to follow and nice to listen to, I do have some feedback on the contents though. The talk seemed more like an overview of the different types of coupling and cohesion that one can have in his application and less about which way(s) are better.

It would have been nice to see some bad solutions in terms of cohesion and then show how to make them better in a few different steps. It would get the point across better on where you should focus your efforts when designing your solutions.

Very disappointing talk. Seemed badly prepared (sloppy slides with typos and bad indentation, finished 15 min early) and the examples (too often the same) did not always match the definition on earlier slides. Different examples and more practical tips on how to achieve low coupling and high cohesion (maybe some refactoring examples) would certainly improve this talk.

I expected a little bit more from this talk. Also, the examples where a bit strange sometimes.

Using the same code samples for explaining different types of cohesion is a bit confusing. Perhaps different kinds of examples would have shown these differences a bit more clearer.

Great topic for a talk but execution was pretty poor IMHO. Reusing the same code sample for different types of coupling and cohesion was confusing. Also, the speaker could use more practice engaging his audience. The delivery was pretty dry, like he was reading off his notes instead of actually talking to the audience.

The subject was great but the talk was not very engaging.

I have to agree with the comments above, expected more.

Thanks for the comments. I will try to improve the talk before there is another presentation. Your feedback is welcome and will lead to changes.