Designing Beautiful Software


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Great content in the talk and, as always, Matthew is a great presenter. Some of the content was higher level and might have lost some of the more junior devs out there, but it's stuff they should definitely learn more about. Definitely enjoyed.

Anonymous at 12:27 on 8 Jun 2012

Great talk!

Very much enjoyed. Will be pointing Junior / Middle weight developers to DPC radio when it comes out. I think everyone should see it.

Particularly liked the further points to think about, looking forward to trying event based programming for cross cutting concerns.

Good, but I expected a bit more in depth insights, like for example about design patterns and when to use which.

Great talk. Fun to see how a couple lines of code can evolve in time after change of insight.

Every developer should think Like this.

Great talk, but expected things to be a bit more advanced.

Anonymous at 18:39 on 8 Jun 2012

Insightful look at how some simple code can evolve as requirements expand

This was a talk that gives pointers every developer knows or should know. But it was nice to get reminded of these things. :)

I liked the example and the iterative build-up. I didn't like that you ended the example right when it became interesting: dependency injection. Moving the settings to a static settings.conf file would be a logical step, and adding a factory for creating the mailer resource.

Also, through the many refactorings you lost track of your original requirements. I think it's important to always go back to your requirements - unless your goal is to write a very generic mailer wrapper. Your requirements were quite humble in comparison and a simple dependency injection example, with static settings would have sufficed. The TransportLayer abstraction is technically interesting but perhaps not an ideal candidate for a stand-up presentation. Also I think dependency injection is really 'beautiful' and it suits your chosen example well.

Great talk! :)

Good te be reminded of things every developer should focus on daily. Matthew is always a great and pleasant speaker, keep up the good work!

Good talk, but the level was a bit too low for me. I loved the code samples and this is a good talk for people not knowing about design patterns and/or object oriented programming.

Great talk for new developers to see how code should evolve, great insights on design patterns. To me i would love for this to go to a higher level as my view of beautiful code involves readability and other topics also.

Nice talk and good subject. However: expected little more advanced talk and less straight forward content. Apart from that, well done!

I hoped there would be more about Zend framework from a lead developer of it...

I have to disagree with some of the above comments. I actually feel that it was a very good idea to start with a very simple problem and walk through various steps of enhancing the solution to become more flexible. This way everyone can follow through and understand what the talk was really about: improving code for extensibility and maintainability. By going deeper that essence would have been lost. If any more depth is to be given to this, I would suggest to limit it to discussing some design patterns only and not dig any further.

Great talk, but expected it to be a bit more advanced, but that might cause (like others mentioned) it to lose what the talk was all about "improving code for extensibility and maintainability".
Nevertheless well presented.

Really enjoyed this talk. Well presented.

Great talk.

Very good. Funny to see how 2 lines of code end up looking like SwiftMailer :-)

Great talk, well presented.

Great talk, I enjoyed even though I had to stand at the back during talk (all seats were taken) :)

Anonymous at 19:46 on 11 Jun 2012

Nice ;)

Lots of great tips, presentation introduces design patterns with a very easy to grasp approach