PHP 5.4: The New Bits


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Good overview on the new features in 5.4. Also good to actually hear someone recommend not to use specific features ;) Good presentation!

The new features whereq interesting, examples where easy to understand.

Great presentation good speed, noT sure how the talk would have ever been an hour though :p

Good presentation, good speed. I guess that most of the new features in 5.4 is not really going to be used. But nice to see that the memory consumption is down even further.

Having the same issues as Jacob - no real-world implementation ideas for any of the concepts really. The command line server is a nice idea, but not very relevant for people 'all setup'. Binding objects and breaking the object model is something I don't want to do - even if I'd manage to implement it correctly there'd always be a slightly lazy / uninformed colleague who would copy the code, adjust some small things, and accidentially returns personal data in a __toString() call instead of the intended object's info.

I don't think we even mentioned 5.3 at all, but to be honest - there's an awful lot of 5.4 to talk about in 45 minutes - and it was presented well. Double props for presenting so clearly and enthousiastically and taking on everyone's questions despite your hearing issues and the people with questions being as far in the back as possible.

Really enjoyed the talk and the lighthearted manner in which all of the questions were taken. I think the only issue was the brevity of the talk, but given the 45 minute time limit it was handled really well. Will definitely give your book (PHP Master) a look!

Good talk, was kinda hoping there would be a little bit more to it than the stuff I already learned from online reading, like a more practical approach to features like traits (when (not) to use), but a good repetition with easy-to-understand examples nonetheless.

What he (Gerry Vandermaesen) said.

Nice talk. It's one thing to read about the new stuff online but it's different to have someone present them and say "use this" "don't think you'll ever use this" etc.
Liked the pace and the interactivity.

Good understandable up-to speed talk!

Nice overview, lots of interaction. This guy is serious.