A Web Of Identity


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Liked this talk, the concept of focusing on context instead of devices nicely explained.

Excellent keynote, interesting and inspiring.

Nice intro, idea of one web nice explained

I liked the ideas in this keynote, embracing and extending native and taking different contexts into account, but did not feel empowered afterwards knowing how to do this.

It's like the author picked up a trinket you built, turned it, held it up to the light, told you that "here, have you thought about improving this?" and then left without telling us how, which leaves you feeling a bit down.

Still a good talk by a good speaker and some interesting challenges for the future.

great opening note with some eyeopening remarks how narrowminded we sometimes are

Superb talk with some really nice ideas

Inspiring talk, opening eyes on testing in various contexts.

I love your speaking style. Thanks for another iinteresting and inspiring keynote!

Very interesting talk. Context is key, but there is only one web.

Perhaps in future the question should be not what's your favorite version of HTML, but your favorite version of MarioKart

Good point but perhaps the contents were not enough in depth to fill in an interesting talk.

Very nice talk about identity, but I miss "clue bat" moments. Well nice trip to memory lane though and looking forward to more innovations from Google.

Inspiring talk. Get up stand up!

Anonymous at 10:50 on 8 Jun 2013

Excellent opening talk, energizing people for the rest of the talks

Great talk! I hope it inspires people to make the presented vision for the future a reality.

Anonymous at 14:13 on 8 Jun 2013

Anonymous at 21:16 on 8 Jun 2013

Not a great opening keynote: the ones of the next day would have been a lot better for the conference as an opening keynote.

Nice and pleasant way of speaking but the message of one web was brought confusingly and with to many words. It just took too long.

If you're gonna use NLP: don't tell us.

If people don't know a line of a song doesn't mean they don't know the song or the artist. To make this conclusion is unfair and not funny. Ok, I laughed, and other people did too, but my laughs were ones of discomfort and politeness: not the greatest way to be "funny" though successful for some people (that I don't like).

I wasn't bored or even angry or anything. I just did not get inspired or learned anything and did not see how anybody else could have.

Nice keynote. Of course we know Bob Marley, just not all the lyrics. :)

Ade Oshineye is an calm and fascinating speaker who can play with the audience and that's a good skill.
Yet I feel that his talk did not quite "come to the point". So it sparked no conversation (for me) afterwards, and that's a shame for a keynote.

Inspiring to hear how not to think about the device but think about the journey.

Inspiring talk with lots of memories and a good message. But it lacked a clear goal and specific call for actions that i expect from a keynote.

I like the speaker, the way he can interact with the crows is amazing and always a good start of the day but I didn't get that inspired "wow" feeling that I want to get out of a keynote.

Nice definition of "the web".

inspiring talk that was confusing at times and lacked a clear message.

Anonymous at 16:44 on 11 Jun 2013

Very nice keynote and inspiring talk. There was a very good interaction of the speaker with the public