High Performance Websites with Scalable Workers


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Very well presented and easy to follow introduction. Bonus points for in editor code examples and demo.

Good talk that shows what workers and and how they can be used to scale your applications.
With live demo!

Most inspiring talk for me today. Live demo was nice!

Koen at 18:45 on 7 Jun 2013

We're already using workers, but it was good to see other configurations. Picked up a couple of new things I definitely give a try.
The speaker presents in a good to follow pace and doesn't explain the topic in a boring way, so: well done!

Great tooling, fine slides and very decent presentation skills. But some of the implementations I find clumsy (scheduling a job twice with a delay?!). Also High Availability is the hardest part, also job dependencies. Would love to hear about "lessens learned" on that area.

Great talk about using workers for your application! The demo was well put together and gave a clear representation of how queues and beanstalk works.

We are already applying worker's job in our software in the form of linux daemons, but it was interesting to see a different approach.

One of the best talks of day 1 for me. Enjoyed the topic and the examples, all tough some where a bit hackish. But always cool to see some live action. Also well presented.

Definitely gonna check out the tools mentioned. Clear and pleasant talk.

Very well presented and gave a simple and easy to use set of tools to setup your own workers.

Very usefull talk, I will use it in the near future.
The presentation was clear and nice to listen to.

great talk, clear and a nice combination of both, sheets an hands-on demo.

Good talk! He certainly convinced his audience the importance of workers.

I was a bit disappointed that Gearman was removed from this talk. Was hoping to learn more about the different tools out there.

I would love to see a v2 version of this talk that includes comparisons of differnet products, tools & technologies that facilitate the worker process.

Nevertheless a great presentation by a knowledgeable speaker.

Reasonable talk but you lost me at times.
Some examples of implementations appeared clumsy and unstructured.
I'm inspired to use more tools like this, but I didn't learn that much.