Introduction to Django


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Anonymous at 12:34 on 8 Jun 2013

Nice talk that gives a good overview of the basics of django. A pleasure To listen to, a bit chaotic at times, but prob because there's so much To tell :)

Nice introduction. Played around with django about a year ago and this was definitely a nice refresher

very interesting talk maybe also parts we could use to improve our own language/framework

Nice introduction to Django, and good intro to frameworks in general. To me, Symfony, Django and Rails are quite similar...nice to see!

I wasnt able to follow this at all, too in depth for me as a python newb

Good natural speaker. Travis showed us some of the possibilities of Django. It looked simple --and that made it good for me.
Got quite excited to use it myself :)

Great introduction. Really liked the way Travis setup his presentation. Will look into Django for sure!

I consider myswelf as a python noob, but I could follow the talk without any problem. Django acts a lot like Symfony2. Also the Twig template engine is inspired by Django. Altough I'm not convinced to switch to Django yet, I certainly gonna give it a try.

The talk itself was wel presented.