Know your algorithms - sorting and searching


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Anonymous at 11:30 on 8 Jun 2013

Nice talk to listen to. You can talk very relaxed and your passion for the subject is cool to see. one little thing of feedback, even if there's a little bug in your presentation, don't bring it up to many times to apologize for it ;).

Very interesting. I couldn't follow the iterations of the algorithms sometimes, since you were clicking through them a bit too fast. Also: it's better to finish your presentation earlier. I would have liked the part about search algorithms to get a little more room.

A pretty interesting talk, but the iterations were quite hard to follow for the later examples. I much prefer sorting visualisations like this:

Very interesting talk, made an abstract subject easy to understand. Also the explanation of stable vs unstable etc. was very interesting.

Great subject, well explained. Examples sometimes a bit difficult to follow.

A good introduction and first look at some basic algorithms and analysis of them. I especially liked the coverage of Big-O notation.

One thing I would suggest would be to show the non-inline versions of some of the sorts, mainly because I find them easier to understand. For example, quick sort becomes really just a "split the array into two arrays, one with smaller values and the other with larger, then recurse on each". Perhaps some visuals as to the logic flow?

Anyway, a great talk that was really well presented.

Interesting talk which leads me back to my computer science education. I wouldn't have mind a little bit more theory. But what I would definitely add to your slides is a visualization of the algorithms in a diagram before showing the code. The visualization when the code ran was sometimes a bit hard to follow, I think there are some improvements to be made there. All in all a good and interesting talk. You managed to keep me awake :)