Creating models


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Nice and quick introduction to DDD

Great talk, easy to follow and pleasure to listen to!

Arjan van den Bos at 12:25 on 28 Jun 2014

Its always a pleasure to listen to Rob; great topic, humorous and refreshing!

Anonymous at 12:48 on 28 Jun 2014

Great talk with easy to follow examples.

Good intro to DDD. Easy to follow, interesting speaker.

I agree with arjan. Always a pleasure to listen to rob. Informativ and valueable

Excellent presentation on how it all should fit together, well structured and well presented. Its obvious that you do this more often. I really liked the don't care what you use followed by I lied. That really grabs the attention of your audience. Keep up the good work. Its well appreciated. Thanks Rob.

Clear and excellent!

Michel Everts at 14:30 on 28 Jun 2014

Great talk!

jeremie Pereira at 14:46 on 28 Jun 2014

thanks !

Good content and really enjoyable to listen to. Great speaker!

Again a great talk by Rob, with very clean slides and good examples.

Only remark: being in the back, it was sometimes hard to understand the speaker.

Very good talk that presented the concepts in a clear and understandable way. I also really liked Rob's speaking style: very calm and measured but often throws in humour. There were a few code errors on the slides, but this didn't matter too much ;) The slides could be a bit more engaging

A great talk, explaining some realy important basics

Anonymous at 12:08 on 29 Jun 2014

Great talk, hot topic. Good intro to DDD-ish concepts, well presented. I've seen some other talks on this topic but this one is definitely the easiest to wade into.

Would've liked to see some more analysis on making design decisions, the slides had some syntax errors and maybe more references for followup reading.

Meaningful content with good advise on how to sructure the M on MVC.

For me the presentation went to slow. Could not really engage in the presentation. Subject was clearly explained.