Making the Most of your Agile Process


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Good talk, good focus on what would make Agile Agile. You might want to refer to the manifesto and the "inspect and adapt" principle to beef it up a tiny bit.

Anonymous at 14:39 on 28 Jun 2014

Thanks for your talk and real examples.

Good talk and refreshment on the Agile process and implementation. As always nicely presented.

Some really inspiring ideas! Also really enjoyable to see you speak

Liking some concepts ideas. Great talk!

All of the content was really interesting and useful to hear. The speaker was also funny and delivered it well - but towards the end the delivery was a bit too quick which made it hard to focus. Apart from that, enjoyed!

A lot of great information in here. Good to see that the most important tool in agile, the retrospective, is finally getting the attention it deserves. The pace and humor kept me interested all the way to the end.

Someone Somewhere at 22:14 on 28 Jun 2014

Very interesting and enjoyable presentation!

You are a natural presenter which made this fun to watch.
The first half you got me going, the second half the material was for me 'seen it done it', but i wish more speakers had your talent.

Awesome presentation skills! You can see that you're so comfortable in front of a crowd while still sticking to your true self; impressive. The topic was fun too. We all recognised the situations, we've all been there and you gave some pretty helpful pointers.

This talk was really on the money. We've been going through the same motions (implementing the process without really grasping the 'framework for making decisions' part), but I really agree with the conclusions. The slides where good, the delivery was good... Justin nailed it!

This presentation rang very true.

Great talk, always good to hear stories from the coalface. Nice examples and honesty from experience - loved major the focus on retrospectives, something for every agile practitioner to take away. In my top two talks from this conference!

Anonymous at 23:16 on 29 Jun 2014

Very inspiring talk and presented in an interesting way.

Excellent talk, just really smooth and full of practical, useful advice.

Very clear explanation on what Agile stands for!