PhpSpec 2 - the only design tool you need


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Anonymous at 13:59 on 27 Jun 2014

Didnt get it.

Just plain bad communication skills.

Boldizsár Bednárik at 13:59 on 27 Jun 2014

Very informative, thanks!

This wasn't really about PHPSpec but why and how TDD should work for you. I would've liked more hands-on info about the tool, because that's what I expected. Why would I want to start using PHPSpec over PHPUnit?

Some really valid points about design though, but they would fly for PHPUnit or Behat as well. I would suggest extracting two talks from this mixed message. Either talk about design and TDD, or about the tool. :)

Just monotone technical explainations.

I am not sure if I am the only one, but this talk has convinced me to look into the tool I've been overlooking for quite a long time. For me, it is the exact result most presenters aim for.

Nice talk!

Decent talk. I agree with Gerard that it contains two different subjects and that they better can be presented apart from each other.

Also check the design of your slides. Somes fonts are hard to read and the color makes it unreadable in some cases.

Missed the topic a bit in my opinion, you should focus more on the actual PHPSpec usage / implementation and skip over most of the first 50 or so slides. Also check your fonts and colors - they didn't always work on the beamer

Wasn't really what I expected

This went too deep to fast, take the time to explain new principles when you introduce them!

This felt more like an introduction to PhpSpec: here are some mathers, we also have these matches, you can also do this, but it seemed like Kacper didn't actually try to convince me that PhpSpec was *the* tool for me or why I should use it?

Perhaps the light were really bright, but do try to look up a bit more.

To much code.

I expected more about PhpSpec 2. What it is, Why you need it, How it can help. You kind of lost me here.

I expected more about PhpSpec 2. What it is, Why you need it, How it can help. You kind of lost me here.

Your English pronunciation made your talk hard to follow. Also grey text on a black background is not the best choice for a presentation... i will take a look into phpspec though.

did not see the difference with phpunit, had more potential.

You could notice Kacper was a bit nervous (or at least, it seemed that way) and it wasn't quite clear as to why I should use PhpSpec over PHPUnit.

Anonymous at 11:59 on 29 Jun 2014

Lots of cool ideas, some good theory tied in with practice.

Some reviewers mention the speaker's accent but I didn't really have a problem with it, though he did have a lot of pauses.

Would've liked to see more depth though, and certainly more about PHPSpec. The talk was short and much of the opening was a too-basic refresher about TDD. Also, some slides had unreadable fading which messed with some of the visual effects.

Overall, I liked the speaker, I liked the content, I liked the direction of the talk... there just needed to be more of it and what is there might need some better editing.

Not a bad subject to talk about but the message wasn't really clear. Also, in your slides, the part where you gray out parts of the code while you're speaking is *really* annoying when you're trying to follow the talk. I had to chose between listening and reading the parts of the code while appearing, but the blocks of code where too big/not clear enough so you where going to the next highlight while I was still reading the previous part. Unfortunately for me this made the talk almost impossible to follow...

After this talk I think PHPSpec definitely has it benefits, but the speaker needs to improve his communication skills to really make it stick in peoples minds.

Kacper, just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll improve!

I enjoyed the content of the talk, but i see a mismatch with what was expected.

The presentation needs some work on contrast, this is a common speaker mistake that experience solves, but for next time i would work on the colo scheme cause the vanishing test made me very lost on what was being show, make sure your contrast is good because conference projectors are always unpredictable.

I feel a bit more rehearsing is a good thing also, you ran short and you could have engage a bit more with the audience. A bit more pacing in both concepts and speech will get you a long way. Keep at it.

I felt like there was no clear message. The talk went a bit in all directions.
And the colour scheme can be improved for readability.