Adding 1.21 Gigawatts to Applications with RabbitMQ


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Live demos would have rounded this to a 5/5 as an introduction to RabbitMQ, though I understand that some technical problems made it impossible. Great talk, despite of this, and a big plus to make a vagrant machine to test it out available for the audience.

Anonymous at 17:32 on 28 Jun 2015

The title is written in a click-bait-ish way. Just say it's a basic introduction to RabbitMQ and what you can do with it. Speaker even included an installation slide, and went on to explain the RabbitMQ API instead of its concepts and ideas, and the problems it solves. The room reserved was too big for this narrow talk.

I do work already with RabbitMQ but the internals were somewhat unclear for me. Thanks for clearing that up!

I really liked the structure, style of presenting and various strategies shown. I would have liked more time to see more practical uses and caveats, but all in all: great introduction with enought mystery still to dive into it in my own time :)

I did not attend the talk, but wanted to point out that it was great that you had a slide up explaining who the talk was for, and for who it was not!

Great talk! But the title was a bit misleading.