Don't reboot, debug!


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Good talk, although I had hoped for a little more in depth, especially as most of the people already knew htop, and logged all the things. Loved the passion you had for the subject!

I expected a bit more examples and tools. Very good talk in general though.

Arnout Boks at 14:32 on 28 Jun 2015

Nice topic, and good talk. From the description I had hoped for a bit more content on more advanced tools. Right now the first 20/30 minutes were spent on topics I think most of the audience was already familiar with. Good main message though!

The description made me think it would be very in depth.

I was somewhat dissapointed that you skipped the really interesting parts and only touched the basics of some tools. I also think since the description already mentioned several system/debug tools you could expect that the audience would be aware of the basics.

Overall well delivered and clear how to get started.
Most missed: more advanced tips and tricks for system debugging.

Good talk but I expected that it would be more in depth and there were more tools / practical examples.

As already noted by others and i mentioned to you personally: would have loved to go into various tools alot deeper (you might even consider handling a few example cases from experience)

The slides and talk was very easy to follow along, great job!

I expected some more theoretical concepts on in-depth debugging, rather than naming the usual suspects.

I liked your passion and honesty though!

Hey all,

So main conclusion is that the level was a bit too basic. Normally this would be "punished" by a low star rating, so I guess that indeed you'd like the presentation on itself, just it was not what was expected.

I would *love* to go more in-depth in this material (and actually, i have some talks that do that), so hopefully I will see you (again) in such a more advanced presentation next year :)

I was expecting a slightly different talk about this subject. Especially given the description provided.

Overall I was glad that I followed it, but would like to have seen some more in-depth examples and documentation.

Loved the speed and enthusiasm, but like other people said, a bit more in depth would have been awesome.

Great talk, i learned a lot! I thought I knew a lot of unix but I really don't! Tnx!