Get some hypermedia up in your API


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Very well deliverd, very clear and good to follow the idea and how we can benefit.

Straightforward, no-nonsence, very clear.

A methodology not to consider, but to implement !

Thank's to Victor !

Good talk, good content, could do with some more concrete "why it is useful"

Speaker was on point theoretically. I would've liked a few more 'real life' examples.

Good talk! We will certainly be looking to implement this where I work!

Thanks for the feedback, and the kind words! I truly appreciate you all taking the time.

For those who couldn't attend this talk, I'll repeat it at a Behind the Scenes event at Coolblue HQ in Rotterdam, on 7 July:

Anonymous at 17:38 on 28 Jun 2015

Perhaps the best talk of the conference. At least the most honest one. You deserved a bigger room.

Great talk! Using HTML hyperlinks to compare to Hypermedia API's is really clever and makes the talk easier to follow.

One of the better speakers of the conference. Well structured and informative talk

Good informative talk. I was strugling with a HATEOAS implementation at work and it gave some nice insights on how to make it reality.