Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS


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After attending various talks on this topics it was nice to see some actual code. Something of which many people say: "ah it's not very interesting, just boilerplate..." The coding part went a little too fast for me to be able actually participate but just reading the screen was informative too.

The talk was really clear. And the examples of how the code would look were really clear. It's great to see the complete picture.

The coding part was going really fast. I would suggest to or slow down the pace or ask if everyone followed it after each iteration.

Anonymous at 14:19 on 25 Jun 2015

Clear explanations and to the point code. I would have liked to see more failure scenarios and how to handle them, but overall it was a great talk.

This tutorial really connected al of the dots for me to understand CQRS an event souring. I really liked the examples and the explanation. Tnx.

Very well structured workshop. Gave some good insights on how to "do" ES. Sometimes I got lost in the code as there was much to do / to see but I guess that`s a general problem of the topic. Both presenters did a very good job on explaining the bits and pieces behind ES and CQRS.