The quest for global design principles


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Anonymous at 14:18 on 26 Jun 2015

One of my favourite talks I visited. Clearly spoken and clear sheets. Then content was great.

Nicely driven talk on OOP and how these same concepts can be applied for communication between applications.
Would have spent more time over communication and distribution though.

Great talk, well spoken, clear sheets and easy to follow!

Interesting insights on how design principles which we usually see in the context of classes and class design can also be seen in the context of "inter-application" communication. Very well presented.

Very interesting and clear, though I think this talk and the talk on Saturday could have easily been merged since the overlap is huge.

One of the high point of the conference

Good talk, about 80% of the way we would have awarded you the much sought after PHP Hooligan scarf and then you went all Typehinty... but you more than made up for it in your Hexagonal architecture talk with the messages :)

Good speaker. The talk was a nice reminder of what some people sometimes forget when programming especially when making code which other people use.

Good talk (as always it seems with matthias ;) ). Hexagonal Talk complemented this one perfectly.

Thanks for sharing the usefull insight.

Great presentation skills and also really good, well thought out content. One of the best sessions I have seen at this conference.

Good talk,

Even when i came in a bit later it was easy to pick up what he was talking about because of the clear content.