Architectural Anti-patterns


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Michel Everts at 14:22 on 24 Jun 2016

I liked the cobtent of the talk. But I'd rather see a talk that goes into a little bit of depth with 3-4 anti patterns. Because otherwise it's just a list of anti patterns, an anti pattern its self.

Steven Don at 14:31 on 24 Jun 2016

Funny. Would have liked to see fewer patterns, but in more detail, possibly some examples.

Erik de Bos at 20:09 on 24 Jun 2016

Fun, enthusiastic speakers with a lot to tell. Sadly, the anti-patterns were more like a common sense checklist than what the title promised: a complement for the gof design patterns.

Tom Lether at 21:13 on 24 Jun 2016

The speakers were good and there were lots of funny examples, however I expected a more detailed presentation on some anti-patterns with practical examples.

Very recognisable topics, well explained.

Like it, it was fun.
But was expecting a little more in depth insights

Youri Thielen at 22:22 on 25 Jun 2016

They mentioned they already had to cut on patterns but for me there were still way too many patterns and they that barely scratched the surface of these anti-patterns. The problem with this approach, in my opinion, is that juniors don't get enough information and more advanced developers already know all this stuff.

Eddy de Boer at 09:31 on 26 Jun 2016

Agree with Erik de Bos and Michel Everts.

Ronald D. at 10:13 on 26 Jun 2016

Would've liked to have more in depth of some anti patters, but overall it was decent

Nice talk, recognized most of these anti-patterns in my previous projects ) However, without code examples, it looked more theoretical than practical.

Ramon de la Fuente at 09:49 on 27 Jun 2016

This was a little too shallow for my taste, and the slides don't need so much text (some where just read out loud).
I do thing there is a lot of potential there, with some polishing.

I am missing a link to the slides, will they become available?

Good list of examples, but that it - it's merely a list, with very little details.

BTW, what wrong with the famous Bristol bridge design that you took it as a starting slide?

It felt like a list of items had to be narrated in a very short time. Talking was way too fast and the anti-patters were too serperfically talked about. i would rather liked to have seen 2 or 3 of these patterns bit with a deeper insight to it than the superficial overview of many

The idea was nice, but the walk was rather dry. I think it would be better to have less antipatterns and have some more elaborate examples of the ones you do keep.
Also, Dimitrios was talking way too fast. Speaking style was good, but just too fast.