Crafting beautiful software


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Colin O'Dell at 16:23 on 24 Jun 2016

Great talk on the importance of writing clean code with clear intentions.

Nice end explicit guide to modern architectural design principles. Special thanks for real world examples and lot of code.

Great pace, great example, great talk!

dParadiz at 18:52 on 24 Jun 2016

Good talk and very well structured presentation. On the end I had feeling that only the good side of all approaches was represented. But overall brilliant talk.

Nice talk. Good slides. A little bit fast, but that was needed to show all the good content.

Erik de Bos at 20:37 on 24 Jun 2016

Very good talk! This is the way to do it - handle complex subjects not by getting boggled down in words, but by showing code examples!
Dealt with multiple subjects that are normally focused on individually in talks and pulled it off nicely by having the one naturally lead to the next.

Great talk, nice to see some examples of a good implementation. Inspiring

A lot and fast changing information, could really be smaller or covering less topics.

Youri Thielen at 22:33 on 25 Jun 2016

The talk was held at a fast train pace, which I liked. But the pace was definitely too high for junior devs, maybe that's something worth considering. Overall, great overview of applying good practices when designing a system from A to Z.

Great talk with good examples, definitely picked up a few things.

This talk was 45 minutes long, however, seemed like it took only 5 minutes (which is good). I like code examples and the talk itself, however, the speech was really fast (which compensated by the quite rich presentation).

Ellen Boven at 20:05 on 27 Jun 2016

Really good talk, good presentation. Stuff that I is really usefull for my day to day stuff.

A fast - though not too fast - paced journey through the first idea to implementation. Clear and understandable.

Leon Weemen at 13:02 on 3 Aug 2016

As many stated before, the examples were great and the pace was perfect.