Debugging Effectively


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Very nice talk about accepting that bugs are real, and not magic (sorry to quote you), but you even gave me (as a long time programmer) a boost when saying, its logical, its not going to fly away. The process and (humble) confidence that you know (are learning) to know what you are doing is so important.

Sometimes you think you are lost, in an old codebase, or who knows what kind of obscure logical conclusion. But you can trust on your experience, from the times you've endured to solve the problem.

And walk away when its enough, we can only fix somuch bugs a day :)

All coders should get this lifestyle ^^

THE talk of the day for me. I was frustrated in the past quite often when I looked back at how much time it took me to find a solution to a problem, but I also knew that you need to do it yourself to really learn from it. Maybe someone else had solved the problem in 5 minutes, but then I would not have learned the same thing. The presenter made sure that you learned why debugging is important for everyone, and you should in theory never give up on finding a solution to your problem, although sometimes working around a problem (by using a workaround) is the only solution as the customer is paying you and can't wait any longer to get a working situation.
The presentation was well presented, had all the parts of an excellent presentation: good overview, talk at the right speed, not forget to tell important things at the end of the presentation because the time is up, and also have time for questions from the public. I also liked the example the presenter gave from his own experience when he did make a mistake which lead to some serious problems, but in the end it was all fixed and he learned from the experience.
I already found debugging great as I love solving 'puzzles' but this presentation gave me even more confidence that I am on the right path and not wasting my time and not going for the quick solution: you need to understand WHY a solution works, not just google it and use it in your code.

Youri Thielen at 22:47 on 25 Jun 2016

All the fundamental knowledge you need for the debugging mindset was in this talk. Combined with an excellent speaker made this a great talk.

Andries Seutens at 23:18 on 25 Jun 2016

Great talk, unfortunately I found out too late it was targeted at junior developers. Nonetheless, we'll brought!

Ellen Boven at 20:26 on 27 Jun 2016

Great Talk! Very helpfull things about debugging that will be helpfull and i didn't know yet

Although it was targeted at junior developers it was a great recap of debugging technique