You've used Composer so many times now, but how deep is your understanding of your dependencies? Can you get yourself out of every tricky situation?
This talk will cover a broad range of dependency management subjects: From assessing the risk, e.g. through BC breaks, introduced into your business critical code by third party software, all the way to hand-on tips for working with composer in the real world, e.g. what to do if composer.lock conflicts during a merge, when your colleagues and you modified dependencies in different ways.


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Good speaker, and interesting content.

Morgane Eloi at 13:32 on 30 Jun 2017

Great talk, it was detailed but easy to follow along. Would you have a link to the presentation slides by any chance?

Interesting with useful tips

Youri Thielen at 20:34 on 30 Jun 2017

Great talk! Complex topics were illustrated using the most bare-bone and to the point examples. Enjoyed it!

Pulkit Swarup at 23:32 on 30 Jun 2017

Didn't meet my expectations, I was looking forward to problems faced by programmers and technical solutions to them. Solutions to problems like different s/w requiring different versions of a library/application. IMO, the presentation was more focused on dos and don'ts functionally

Marc at 15:41 on 1 Jul 2017

It was a interesting talk about dependencies but more a do's and don't i was hoping to get more information about managing large amounts of deps and maybe some tools that can help you monitor that.

Good talk, well delivered. I think we take a lot of the dependencies we use for granted, and getting some large scale screwups from other languages should make people rethink their strategy.

I do agree with some of the other comments in that I expected a little more "help" when it comes to actual problems that can occur (like solving version dependency mismatches or the ability to use your own fork while you're waiting for a package maintainer to merge your PR). Still a very recommended talk.

Roald at 08:59 on 3 Jul 2017

Clear and interesting talk about choosing dependencies, whether or not to update them, what to look out for, and some background and tips for working with composer.

I also would have loved some more specific use-cases/problems/tips about the use of composer.

Tim Huijzers at 17:54 on 3 Jul 2017

Great talk about actual real examples on how to fix conflicts and what to look for when choosing dependencies. little disappointed about the solution of just forking repositories.

Nils Adermann (Speaker) at 17:56 on 3 Jul 2017

@Dragem Forking repositories wasn't my solution, I said some people do that. I would recommend a private Composer repository, e.g. Private Packagist for that purpose.

Hi Nils,

Great talk. Very non-technical approach to managing dependencies!
Would you be so kind to make the slides available? =>

Greetings, Marc