You're an introvert. You do your best work when you can think a problem through alone in a quiet space. You express yourself better in writing or when you have a heads up before a meeting.

But your company is cool! So your office resembles a sweatshop: large rows of desks squished into a concrete room with minimal sound deadening. And you company culture encourages team work! So anyone can call you or stop by your desk with immediate requests of varying levels of emergency. You're always being put on the spot, only later to think of who would be best qualified to answer the question, what a better solution might be, or where an inefficiency could be eliminated.

In my talk, I’ll frame my learnings from "Quiet" by Susan Cain and "Introvert Power" by Laurie Helgoe with personal experiences about how to function effectively in offices unfriendly to introverts. I'll explore how American culture rewards those who speak the most over those who have something to say. Attendees will discover:

- Whether they identify more as an introvert or an extrovert
- What working styles and needs suit your personality
- How to balance your needs with the needs of the team to get the best out of everyone


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Sander vT at 16:03 on 30 Jun 2017

Funny and very recognizable.

I might not be 'as introverted' as the speaker, but I really recognized some situations she described. My take-away: know your boundaries, respect them and ask others to respect them too.

Great talk. I think it fit in well with the other talks about 'soft' skills without overlapping. I think the anecdotes were the strongest part of this talk. Your great presentation style also helps tremendously.

I enjoyed this talk, it's very open and honest and funny (including an apology for "everything" because the speaker is American :D). I've only recently begun thinking of myself as an introvert, especially the draining effect of being around a lot of people is recognisable. As I am also an employer, it was nice to see and feel a little bit how things look from an employee's side of things.

As a tip, I think the slides could have been a little more polished, or maybe contain a little less list-style content. The talk is strong enough without them.

Peter Meijer at 21:12 on 2 Jul 2017

Really strong talk! I could recognize myself in many of the examples that were told.

Ellen Boven at 11:25 on 3 Jul 2017

Excellent talk, I recognized so much in the talk. It's good to have these kind of talks also on an event like this. The speaker did a great job. Also the personal anecdotes were really valuable. Respect that you do a talk like this.

Arnout Boks at 08:40 on 4 Jul 2017

Great talk and nice to see content on soft real skills like this. I think the speaking style and anecdotes from experience contributed to a nice personal touch without lacking in general take-aways. In my opinion, bushing up the slides just a bit more can help you get your point across even stronger. Also, I think that there are a lot of differences between American and European work culture, but that might be a topic for a talk in itself :)