Talk comments

Very brilliant talk, great balance between real world and how it translates in PHP code.

Jasper N. Brouwer at 09:22 on 16 Jun 2018

It was nice to take a break from all the heavy stuff for a light and relaxed talk about all of our favorite critters, Elephants. I was proud to see got a slide! I enjoyed it very much!

Jasper N. Brouwer at 09:17 on 16 Jun 2018

I joined about half way in. What I saw seemed well prepared and well brought. I definitely will give the project a try!

Hi Arnout, thanks for the positive feedback! I definitely did not estimate the time well, probably rushed through few slides. I even removed a closing slide (longer talk) discussing Defensive Programming just a day before the talk, worried that I will exceed the time limit. Anyway, SPL base classes seems like a pretty good idea for enriching content, I'll definitely consider it.

Arnout Boks at 19:30 on 14 Jun 2018

I also have some mixed feelings (that others have already described better than I ever could) about the message you were trying to get across. In addition, the talk felt way too long for me; a keynote going overtime is a big no-go in my opinion.

Apart from that, the stage presence, delivery and especially the video slides were just amazing!

Arnout Boks at 19:27 on 14 Jun 2018

For me the talk felt a bit low on content. I would have liked some more background and insights on Swagger/OpenAPI and what is possible with that. You seem to know what you're talking about very wel, it's just that a limited scope has quite limited usefulness to a broader audience. Good luck with you next talks!

Arnout Boks at 19:25 on 14 Jun 2018

I liked the history lesson, the practical advice and the humor. It might be useful to add some content on the differences between timestamps and datetimes, past and future. That may be useful to put your advice (which, if I understood correctly was mainly about datetimes) into context. Oh, and if you ever need another example of timezone insanity (and you haven't seen this one yet):

Arnout Boks at 19:20 on 14 Jun 2018

Great introduction, clear explanations and a lot of practical tips. I walked away with a lot of useful information. The only thing I was a bit confused about was the Nexus thing, maybe you can leave that out if it is not needed anymore anyway.

Arnout Boks at 19:18 on 14 Jun 2018

Really nice talk, good content, and clear explanations. Because you finished early, I would have loved if the talk had some more of this content. On the other hand, if you had spread out the content you had over 45 minutes, I probably wouldn't have complained. Just would have liked more of this. Maybe you could add a bit about the different SPL base classes?

Arnout Boks at 19:15 on 14 Jun 2018

Really nice talk, well delivered, and with lots of practical takeaways. The amount of real content felt a bit low though, mainly because of the first 15 minutes or so mainly treating anime. Apart from that, I think this talk was great, just would have liked more of this!