Impact Mapping with Innovation Games


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Awesome keynote. Inspiring, as keynotes must be.


An amazing talk. I really appreciated the global vision that Gojko gave to us about this argument.

Great talk, it will surely have an impact on my work :-)

Federico at 12:28 on 20 Nov 2016

Visio for the win! :)

Great talk, very well exposed, inspiring and with many lessons learned!!

I found a bit difficult to follow the explanation of the two card games that were one of the main topics of the talk (as I guessed from the title of the presentation): obviously, games are easy to learn while doing them (as in a workshop), but it's a difficult task to explain them in a keynote presentation.

Interesting topic with some great idea. For example: impact mapping is in the middle between power point and jira.
Improvable how the topics have been presented. I prefer for a keynote a story telling approach

Great talk that reminded me to focus on customers and how their behaviors can change and not only on technology.

Excellent keynote, inspiring and well presented.
Beside Impact mapping, I really appreciated Gojko pov on "agile scaling" :)

Stefano Iasi at 13:43 on 21 Nov 2016

Inspiring. Interesting the application of mind maps to link requirements/goals and US. Will try it.
Also appreciated the analysis about usage of US and commitments.
Instead, it was difficult to me to understand part related to games about revenue streams.

From real goals to user stories. I hope to have soon a video of the session to catch all the details I lost as my english is so poor :(


Paolo D'Incau at 09:26 on 22 Nov 2016

Great keynote. I found the first part super inspiring and I gathered a lot of good insights I will try to adopt from now on. I got a bit lost while following the second part on the two card games.

great and inspiring speak... now I'm looking for "impacts"


Antonio Sassi at 12:36 on 22 Nov 2016

Inspiring and full of useful hints

Inspiring! Excellent keynote with many deep thoughts about risk and vision

Extremely inspiring talk.

Ispirante, Coinvolgente, Pratico

Interesting for innovation


Paolo Stefani at 11:03 on 24 Nov 2016

Great keynote

Gojko's keynote has been very insightful, on everyday job we should focus more on positively changing the behaviour of our users

Maksym Rybak at 20:30 on 24 Nov 2016

Interesting and motivation talk.

Maxbolo at 18:32 on 25 Nov 2016

A good speah

interesting. Lot of aha moments