Talk comments

Although sometimes a bit too theoretically it was a nice workshop about models and different approaches to get those "pretty".

Interesting workshop about dynamic and static testing!

Nice keynote, entertaining and with useful facts about the lifecycle of technologies. It's reassuring to know that we jumped over the gap - and it's highly frustrating that some knowledge soon will become obsolete. Why the hell did I torture myself with Cobol when it's dead anyway? ;-)

Not quite what I was expecting after the title. Some more details about scaling in general would have been really nice.

Nice overview of all tools and how to use them.

One of the best keynotes I've seen so far. Really entertaining and we got some useful facts, too.

Some more in-depth-views of the tools would have been very nice and would have prevented to finish too early!

Nice talk although Thorsten was quite nervous. Unfortunately it was very disillusioning about using those neat features in the near future!

Quite nice session. I hoped to get some more details about the other frameworks, but apparently those are not (yet) as mature as the PHPUnit one.

Good Talk. Cant wait to use Doctrine2.