Talk comments

Spot on as always! Very clear walkthrough of what the essence of QA is and on what we would love to achieve at Inviqa.

Cannot wait to access the learning material!

on Keynote

Thanks for the detailed insight and the code-examples!

Great, thanks for the insight!

In my opinion the topics cover a really efficient approach of development. Also liked the interesting opening facts

Rick Peacock at 09:39 on 23 Feb 2018

Great workshop introducing Unity. Would like to see more like these. Thanks Marco!

Excellent demonstration at building a playable game in two hours. Pairing up was a must for this, would like to see more of this next time.

Andy Todd at 23:31 on 22 Feb 2018

Excellent explanation of the concepts and methods. Very clear. Very confidently delivered. Barry clearly knows the subject extremely well.

Andy Todd at 23:30 on 22 Feb 2018

Very assured and confident presentation. Eddi obviously knows his subject. Small issue with resolution on main screen was eventually fixed and the final results looked great. Great job!

Andy Todd at 23:28 on 22 Feb 2018

Liked the presentations. Again, excellent energy but didn't really see so much examples of actual co-creation. Can see the potential emerging though.