Metriche Kanban in pratica a Sky UK


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So many metrics at an acceptable cost, with the goal of having a well-oiled development process; for example demonstrating #noestimates with data.
I do not give 5 just because of the sad conclusion: development is the very small blue part of lead time and there's nothing we we able to do to improve the remaining 90% of it.

Inspiring talk, well prepared and clearly explained by Mattia.

Very very interesting. Talking with numbers and, in general, some data in your hand you can better face some day-by-day problems in a dev life, like estimating stories.
Mattia has plenty of graphs and suggestion to better measure the work you do, and I spotted some good metrics I can apply right now to become better at my work.

Very interesting talks, well and nicely explained. It kept me attentive with interesting tips.

this talk was very very interesting !

You master that metrics, it's clear!
Great talk, great examples, a lot of ideas picked up, a lot of new things to learn, improve, try, do. What else to wish by a talk?
Thank you!

Five stars for me. We started collecting some of the metrics Mattia showed a couple of weeks ago and by watching this talk we understood how to improve the way we collect and review them. Inspiring talk, I strongly recommend it! Thank you Mattia for the awesome talk

forse il talk più interessante cui abbia partecipato. Anche se visti i grafici di Mattia mi chiedo se Kanban funzioni davvero :-)

Anonymous at 16:53 on 12 Nov 2015

La sessione più interessante tra quelle che ho seguito.
Bravissimo Mattia a concentrare nel poco tempo a disposizione una marea di informazioni utilissime ed esposte con chiarezza.

Bravissimo ad esporre e argomenti interessanti

Anonymous at 08:43 on 13 Nov 2015

Estremamente interessante e piacevole da ascoltare! Mattia ci ha aperto ad una nuova visione e ci ha inspirato ad applicare alcune nuove metodologie a lavoro. Sarebbe bello poter avere le slide!

Anonymous at 09:02 on 13 Nov 2015

Ottimo talk, grazie Mattia.

E' stato davvero molto interessante!
In particolare poter vedere a quali conclusioni si può giungere ed il livello di gestione delle attività partendo dalle metriche.
Spero proprio di riuscire ad introdurre almeno in parte alcuni di questi ragionamenti nei mei progetti.

Anonymous at 16:30 on 18 Nov 2015