Talk comments

I found this talk while looking at ideas and suggestions for releasing packages for things I do regularly and would like to share with others (or at least make easy for myself to access from anywhere!).

Appreciated the practical content presented here.
The last half of the talk was much more 'useful' (I felt like the first half spent a little too long laying a foundation).

Jan, I encourage you to continue doing presentations. I've watched at least 2 of your talks, and while you're already a good presenter, you're getting better each time! I look forward to watching more.

Congratulations on the continued growth and popularity of your packages. I just took on a project today where I think I'll be able to make use of your curl package -- it'll save me a bunch of work, and be lighter-weight than a full guzzle implementation.

A very clean talk, fluid English.

Interesting talk, I hope that this talk will get developers to start bootstrapping their projects.

Great job! You presented about good practices, you were clear, humble where necessary, and definitely prepared well for the presentation. And kudos on the curl library too! :)

But I already told you that at the meetup, so here's some low-hanging fruit that could be useful for next time:

1) Inhale silently instead of using "ehmm". I tend to do that too, that's why I noticed.

2) Maybe showing some more concrete stuff would have been nice. You can probably trim a bit from the first 30 min in order to make space for that. Not necessarily a "live" demo: you could record a short video / gif of yourself generating some code / modules. Or even just a series of screenshots. Goal: bring the abstract concepts down to something "tangible" by the end of the talk.

3) If you're preparing for a conference and have even the slightest doubt whether some content / words / expressions are appropriate or not, I'd lean towards not including them and finding an alternative that surely *is* appropriate. If we had been on a conference, there were a couple of things that were right on the edge (in my opinion).

But again: these are less-important things, just details. You nailed everything that matters. Till the next time!

Very clear spoken with fluid English.

Interesting topic as well, hopefully it will encourage people to start creating their own packages.

Great talk! This might be the trigger I needed to pickup my generator project.

A talk very well brought. Fluid English and very interesting. I will definitely have a look at the slides when available.